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We bring you an exciting new concept in guided meditation from the rolling hills and emerald green seas of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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Our simple daily meditations can help to melt away the dark clouds. Releasing our worries, doubts and fears allows the light to shine brightly from within.

Our Star Cards help you to connect with the wisdom within. Each Star Card carries a gentle word of encouragement to help you find what you’re looking for.

The Rolling Star will help you to select the perfect meditation, just when you need it. As your mind is returned to Peace so the sun shall rise again in you.


Nau Mai, Haere Mai – Welcome

Stars of Aroha®
Meditation Tools
Know Peace

A little ‘peace’ of New Zealand – We bring you an exciting new concept in guided meditation from the rolling hills and emerald green seas of Aotearoa New Zealand. Having guided meditation tools can help us to know Peace – what a blessing.

We live in a demanding and often complex world and sometimes it is difficult to find the time and space to go within and process what’s happening in our lives. Sometimes it’s the every day kind of stuff that prevents us from knowing Peace, such as juggling work with family commitments and struggling with financial pressures. Sometimes it’s the big things like the end of a special relationship or discovering that we’ve got a  serious health problem that stops us from looking inside for the answers. Sometimes we simply can become so preoccupied with life that we forget to check in with our Source of Peace. No matter what it is that distracts (or enchants) our attention away from connecting to our deep and enduring sense of Peace, most of us forget to look inside for it.

Our desire at Stars of Aroha is to help people connect with their inner Source of Peace through guided meditation. By taking just a few minutes each day we can reconnect with our most precious treasure – Peace.


We’ve created a simple meditation concept and tools to help you to select the perfect guided meditation whenever you want. We provide a simple way to begin to work with guided meditation to help you really know what Peace is. If you are open to using sacred symbols and themes from New Zealand’s indigenous peoples’ legends, native flora, fauna, butterfly and bird life then our guided meditation concept is definately for you. The Stars of Aroha® meditations are offered as a guiding light to help you navigate through your daily life by reconnecting you with the Love and Peace that lives deep within.


We use the concept of the stars to help you navigate your inner world because the stars are very powerful guiding symbols. Hundreds of years ago the stars guided Māori ancestors safely across the ocean to live in their new home, Aotearoa New Zealand. Matariki is the name of our New Zealand celebration of the Pleiades star cluster and it is also the name for the constellation system and the central star. Matariki takes place each year in either late May or early June to acknowledge the beauty and guiding light offered by the stars.


Aroha is the indigenous Māori  term for love, concern, compassion and empathy. Our meditations carry the spirit of deep aroha for our brothers and sisters who live all over the world and who have a desire to know Peace.


The first component – Stars of Aroha® Meditations book.

The Meditations book draws from New Zealand’s indigenous legends, lush landscape and Kiwi culture – Maori creation stories, native butterfly, flora, fauna and birds inspire the meditator to find ‘peace’ through connecting to the wisdom within our unique environment.

The second component – The Rolling Star (Sterling Silver or Native Wood)

The Rolling Star has been beautifully crafted in sterling silver by a manufacturing jeweler to help you randomly select your unique meditation symbol that is linked to a guided meditation. Because we had so many requests our second Rolling Star is crafted from native New Zealand wood (it is twice as large as the sterling silver Rolling Star and a lot lighter) but it works in exactly the same way.

  • Each Rolling Star has 20 triangle-sides
  • The Rolling Star is an icosahedron shape (like the dice)
  • The Rolling star contains approximately 40 grams of sterling silver
  • 20 unique symbols are engraved on each face of the Rolling Star
  • When the Rolling Star is tumbled in a soft pouch or rolled on a soft flat surface a symbol appears on the uppermost point of the Rolling Star
  • Read the symbol on the Rolling Star like you do a symbol on a dice
  • The symbol’s definition, spiritual ‘peace’ theme and meditation can be consulted in the Stars of Aroha Meditations book.


Stars of Aroha® Star Cards

  • The Star Cards provide an alternative option to select your meditation symbol.
  • Simply shuffle the 20 Star Cards and fan the cards face down on a flat surface
  •  Select a card to reveal your unique symbol
  • Read the corresponding definition, spiritual ‘peace’ theme and meditation in the Meditations book.

MeditatioNZ App by Stars of Aroha®

Search under “New Zealand Meditations” and then look for the silver icosahedron Rolling Star icon to find MeditatioNZ by Stars of Aroha.

READ your daily meditation while sitting on a train, walking on the beach, tramping in the bush… how easy is that?

  • Our app gives you the opportunity to randomly select a meditation
  • Shake your device; when you stop shaking a meditation symbol is revealed
  • Swipe to the left to read the indigenous creation story meaning or theme
  • Swipe again to read how the symbol aligns with a peace theme and,
  • Swipe a final time to read your guided meditation.

The AUDIO meditations will be released in March 2017 for free. And we will release three original SOUNDTRACKS so you can happily listen to the enchanting background sounds of native New Zealand birds, sacred forest music or mesmerising ocean waves.  This will help you to imagine strolling through a natural forest or swimming in the sea during your guided meditation. We have other cool ideas we’re working on so watch this space.